One Nation: American Works for Flute, Alto Flute and Piccolo

Indiana University East, Richmond, IN, November 7, 2019

Jessica Raposo, flute, alto flute, piccolo; Dianne Frazer, piano; Mihoko Watanabe, flute

North American premiere: Toshio Mashima’s “Rouge en feu – Kurenai” for two flutes and piano

Ball State University, November 18, 2017

Jessica Raposo, flute and alto flute; Mihoko Watanabe, flute, alto flute, piccolo; Jooyoung Kim, piano

An Evening of Flute Music

Indiana University East, Richmond, IN, March 6, 2014

Jessica Raposo, flute; Barbara Armstrong, piano; Stephen Nordstrom, violin; Kevin Nordstrom, viola; Tanya Kholosho, cello

A Collection

Solo pieces for weddings and private events